TPS54335 Datasheet PDF – Synchronous Step-Down Converter

Part Number: TPS54335

Function: 4.5V to 28V Input, 3A Output, Synchronous SWIFT Step-Down DC-DC Converter

Package: 8-Pin SOIC PowerPAD and 10-pin SON Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS54335 datasheet



The TPS54335, TPS54336 is a 3A, low quiescent supply current (IQ), synchronous voltage regulator IC (integrated circuit) with up to 28V input support.

By integrating MOSFETs and by employing current mode switching control, the TPS54335/54336 offers compact designs on PCB reducing external component count.

Efficiency is maximized through the integrated 128mΩ/84mΩ MOSFETs, low IQ and pulse skipping at light loads. Using the enable pin, shutdown supply current is reduced to 2 μA.
This step-down (buck) converter provides accurate regulation for a variety of loads with a well-regulated voltage reference 1.5% over temperature.


1. Synchronous 128-mΩ and 84-mΩ MOSFETs for 3-A Continuous Output Current

2. TPS54335A : Internal 2-ms Soft-Start, 50-kHz to 1.5-MHz Adjustable Frequency

3. TPS54336A : Adjustable Soft-Start, Fixed 340-kHz Frequency

4. Low 2-µA Shutdown, Quiescent Current

5. 0.8-V Voltage Reference with ±0.8% Accuracy


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TPS54335 pdf

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