TPS62290DRV Datasheet PDF – Step Down Converter – TI

Part Number: TPS62290DRV, TPS62290, Marking : BYN

Function : 1-A Step Down Converter

Package: SON (6) 2.00 mm × 2.00 mm

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS62290DRV Step Down Converter



The TPS62290DRV devices are highly efficient synchronous step down DC/DC converters optimized for battery powered portable applications. They provide up to 1000-mA output current from a single Li-ion cell.

With an input voltage range of 2.3 V to 6.0 V, the devices support batteries with extended voltage range and are ideal to power portable applications like mobile phones and other portable equipment.


TPS62290DRV datasheet pinout


1. High Efficiency – up to 96%

2. Output Current up to 1000 mA

3. VIN Range From 2.3 V to 6.0V for Li-ion Batteries with Extended Voltage Range

4. 2.25-MHz Fixed Frequency Operation

5. Power Save Mode at Light Load Currents

6. Output Voltage Accuracy in PWM Mode ±1.5%

7. Fixed Output Voltage Options

8. Typical 15-μA Quiescent Current


1. Mobile Phones, Smart-Phones

2. Wireless LAN

3. Pocket PCs

4. Low Power DSP Supply

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TPS62290DRV Datasheet

TPS62290DRV pdf

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