TPS62740DSS Datasheet PDF – Step Down Converter

Part Number: TPS62740DSS

Device Marking : 62740

Function: 360-nA Iq Step-Down Converter

Package: WSON 12 pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Image and Pinouts:

TPS62740DSS datasheet



This is Step Down Converter.

The TPS6274x is industry’s first step down converter featuring typ. 360nA quiescent current and operating with a tiny 2.2µH inductor and 10µF output capacitor. This new DCS-Control™ based device extends the light load efficiency range below 10µA load currents.


1. Input Voltage Range VIN from 2.2V to 5.5
2. Typ. 360nA Quiescent Current
3. Up to 2 MHz Switching Frequency
4. Automatic Transition to No Ripple 100% Mode
5. Slew Rate Controlled Load Switch


1. Bluetooth Low Energy, RF4CE, Zigbee
2. Industrial Metering
3. Energy Harvesting

Other data sheets are available within the file: 62740, 62742, TPS62740, TPS62740DSSR

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TPS62740DSS pdf