TPS65310A-Q1 Datasheet PDF – Power-Management IC

Part Number: TPS65310A-Q1

Function: High-Voltage Power-Management IC for Automotive Safety Applications

Package: 56-pin QFN (RVJ)

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS65310A-Q1 datasheet



The TPS65310A-Q1 device is a power management unit, meeting the requirements of digital signal processor (DSP) controlled automotive systems (for example, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

With the integration of commonly used features, the device significantly reduces board space and system costs.


1. Single output synchronous buck controller

(1) Peak gate drive current 0.6 A
(2) 490-kHz fixed switching frequency
(3) Pseudo-random frequency-hopping spread spectrum or triangular mode

2. Dual synchronous buck converter

(1) Designed for output currents up to 2 A
(2) Out-of-phase switching
(3) Switching frequency: 0.98 MHz



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TPS65310A-Q1 pdf

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