TPS7A6650-Q1 Datasheet PDF – Ultra-low-IQ LDO Regulator

Part Number: TPS7A6650-Q1

Function: High-Voltage Ultralow-Iq Low-Dropout Regulator

Package: 8-Pin SOIC-D, MSOP-DGN Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS7A6650-Q1 datasheet



The TPS7A6650-Q1, TPS7A66xx-Q1 and TPS7A69xx-Q1 are low-dropout linear regulators designed for up to 40-V Vin operations. With only 12-µA quiescent current at no load, they are quite suitable for standby micro control unit systems, especially in automotive applications.

The devices feature integrated short-circuit and overcurrent protection. The devices implement reset delay on power up to indicate the output voltage is stable and in regulation. One can program the delay with an external capacitor. A low-voltage tracking feature allows for a smaller input capacitor and can possibly eliminate the need of using a boost converter during cold-crank conditions.


1. 3-V to 40-V wide VIN input voltage range with up to 45-V transient

2. Maximum output current: 300 mA

3. 2% output-voltage accuracy

4. Maximum dropout voltage: 700 mV at 200-mA load current for fixed 5-V output version

TPS7A6650-Q1 Datasheet PDF Download

TPS7A6650-Q1 pdf

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