TQ4-5V Datasheet – Signal Relay, 5 VDC, 4PDT ( PDF )

Part Number: TQ4-5V

Function: 2-pole 5 mm, 4 Form C, 5V Relay

Package: Surface Mount Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation

Image and Pinouts:

TQ4-5V datasheet



This is PCB Relay.


1. Flat compact size : 14.0(L) ×9.0(W) ×5.0(H) .551(L) × .354(W) ×.197(H)

2. Nominal operating power :
High sensitivity of 140mW (2 Form C single side stable type)

By using the highly efficient polar magnetic circuit “seesaw balance mechanism”, a nominal operating power of 140 mW (minimum operating power of 79 mW) has been achieved.

TYPICAL Applications

1. Communications
2. Measurement equipment
3. OA equipment
4. Industrial machines

Other data sheets are available within the file: TQ2-12V, TQ2-24V, TQ2-3V, TQ2-4.5V, TQ2-48V

TQ4-5V Datasheet PDF Download

TQ4-5V pdf