TSUMV59XUS PDF Datasheet – Single Chip for Analog TV

Part Number: TSUMV59XUS

Function: Highly Integrated Single Chip Solution for Analog TV System

Package: 128-pin EPLQFP Type

Manufacturer: MStar


TSUMV59XUS datasheet pdf manual



The TSUMV59XUS is a highly integrated TV SoC solution for advanced analog television platform. Integrating latest advanced technologies from Mstar Semiconductor, the world leading TV SoC provider in TV industry. The TSUMV59 provides the most cost-efficient solution for multimedia TV application with creative and attractive features exclusively presented.

The powerful multimedia A/V decoder inside TSUMV59XUS is hosted with a dedicated hardware video codec engine to secure fast and stable video streaming playback. Moreover, TSUMV59XUS is equipped with a DSP specifically designated for audio application, including digital audio format decoding and advanced sound effects, and a high performance RISC CPU to manipulate all possible routines and house-keeping activities. With extendable USB 2.0 interface, an TSUMV59XUS based system can turn into a high quality media-center in a simple manner.


1. Analog TV Front-End Demodulator

2. Multi-Standard A/V Format Decoder

3. The MStarACE-6 Video Processor

4. Home Theater Sound Processor

5. Embedded Memory for optimized BOM cost

6. High Performance Micro-processor

(1) High speed/performance 32-bit RISC CPU

(2) Two full duplex UARTs

(3) Supports USB and ISP programming

(4) DMA Engine

7. Audio Interface

(1) Four L/R audio line-inputs

(2) Two L/R outputs for main speakers and additional line-outputs

(3) I2S digital audio input & output

(4) S/PDIF digital audio output

(5) HDMI audio channel processing

TSUMV59XUS pinout mstar


TSUMV59XUS PDF Datasheet