TT2148 Datasheet PDF – 60hz, 3000VA, Transformer – Temco

Part Number: TT2148

Function: Small kVA 3 Phase Isolation Transformer

Manufacturer: Tower Electric Motor Company  ( )


TT2148 transformer



The TT2148 is 3 Phase Control Transformer.

TEMCo transformers and Euro-Standard transformers are used to convert standard 3 phase U.S. voltages to standard 3 phase European voltages. This is useful when importing European Machinery into the U.S. Additionally, these transformers come in 50 or 60Hz with most of the larger sizes rated for 50 and 60Hz, allowing them be connected in reverse to convert European voltages to U.S. voltages when importing U.S. machinery into Europe. Either way, these transformers are built to last, guaranteed! That’s why we back these with a decade long warranty.


1. Copper windings

2. 1.5 to 2 week build time

3.Soldily fixed terminals with standard combination slotted Robertson head screw connections facilitate

4. Built with heat-proof insulation for compact size and long life.

5. Unique bobbin-wound coils for greater efficiency, superior heat evacuation, and compact structure.


TT2148 datasheet

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TT2148 Datasheet PDF


TT2148 pdf

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