TXS2SA-9V-Z Datasheet PDF – 1A, 9V, Relay

Part Number: TXS2SA-9V-Z

Function: TX-S relay. Small polarized relay with high sensitivity 50 mW. Standard surface-mount terminal type. Single side stable. Nominal voltage 9 V DC. Tape and reel packing (picked form the 6/9/10/12-pin side).

Package: PCB Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation


TXS2SA-9V-Z datasheet



This is 1A, DPDT, 9V, Relay.


1. Nominal operating power: High sensitivity of 50mW

By using the highly efficient polar magnetic circuit “seesaw balance mechanism”, a nominal operating power of 50 mW (minimum operating  power of 32 mW) has been achieved.

2. High contact reliability

High contact reliability is achieved by the use of gold-clad twin crossbar contacts, low-gas formation materials, mold sealing the coil section, and by controlling organic gas in the coil.


1. Communications (XDSL, Transmission)
2. Measurement
3. Security
4. Home appliances, and audio/visual equipment
5. Automotive equipment
6. Medical equipment

Other data sheets are available within the file: TXS2-12V, TXS2-24V, TXS2-3V, TXS2-4.5V, TXS2-6V

TXS2SA-9V-Z Datasheet PDF Download

TXS2SA-9V-Z pdf