TZA3001BHL Datasheet PDF – Integrated Laser Driver

Part Number: TZA3001BHL

Function: SDH/SONET STM4/OC12 Laser Driver

Package: LQFP32 Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )

Image and Pinouts:

TZA3001BHL datasheet



The TZA3001AHL, TZA3001BHL and TZA3001U are fully integrated laser drivers for STM4/OC12 (622 Mbits/s) systems, incorporating the RF path between the data multiplexer and the laser diode. Since the dual loop bias and modulation control circuits are integrated on the IC, the external component count is low. Only decoupling capacitors and adjustment resistors are required.

The TZA3001AHL features an alarm function for signalling extreme bias current conditions. The alarm low and high threshold levels can be adjusted to suit the application using only a resistor or a current Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC).


1. RF output current sinking capability of 60 mA

2. Bias current sinking capability of 90 mA

3. Power dissipation of 430 mW (typical value)

4. Low cost LQFP32 plastic package

5. Single 5 V power supply.

6. Automatic laser shutdown

7. Few external components required

Other data sheets are available within the file: TZA3001AHL, TZA3001, TZA3001U

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