UAF2115 Speedometer and Mileage Indicator – Datasheet [ PDF ]

UAF2115 Indicator learn more.

This function is Speedometer and Mileage Indicator.

Part Number: UAF2115

Package: 18 Pin DIL Type

Manufacturer: ITT Semiconductor


UAF2115 Indicator


The input signal of the UAF 2115 derived from a reed contact or a proximity switch ( dropout oscillator ) placed, for example, at the drive shaft of the gearbox and which supplies one rectangular pluse per shaft rotation.

The monostable filp-flop is triggered by the trailing edge of the input signal.


UAF2115 pinout datasheet


1. Monostable with Schmitt trigger input
2. Pulse output
3. Meter drvier
4. Stepping motor buffer
5. Voltage regulator
6. Current source
7. Feaquency divider


UAF2115 Datasheet PDF Download

UAF2115 pdf

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