UCD3138 Datasheet PDF – Digital Controller

Part Number: UCD3138

Function: Highly Integrated Digital Controller for Isolated Power

Package: VQFN (RGC) 64 Pin, VQFN (RHA) 40 Pin, VQFN (RJA) 40 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


UCD3138 datasheet



The UCD3138 is a digital power supply controller from Texas Instruments offering superior levels of integration and performance in a single chip solution. The flexible nature of the UCD3138 makes it suitable for a wide variety of power conversion applications. In addition, multiple peripherals inside the device have been specifically optimized to enhance the performance of ac/dc and isolated dc/dc applications and reduce the solution component count in the IT and network infrastructure space.

The device is a fully programmable solution offering customers complete control of their application, along with ample ability to differentiate their solution. At the same time, TI is committed to simplifying our customer’s development effort through offering best in class development tools, including application firmware, Code Composer Studio™ software development environment, and TI’s power development GUI which enables customers to configure and monitor key system parameters.



1. Configurable Resolution as Small as 1mV/LSB

2. Automatic Resolution Selection

3. Up to 8x Oversampling

4. Hardware-Based Averaging (up to 8x)

5. 14-Bit Effective Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)

6. Adaptive Sample Trigger Positioning

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UCD3138 pdf

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