UP018D01 PDF – 1.8 Inch, NTSC Color TFT LCD

Part Number: UP018D01

Function: 1.8 Inch, NTSC Color TFT

Manufacturer: DATAMODUL

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UP018D01 is 1.8” NTSC Color TFT (93 x RGB) x 220. A 1.8-inch NTSC Color TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) refers to a type of display panel that measures 1.8 inches diagonally and is capable of displaying color images using the NTSC standard. The term “NTSC” stands for the National Television System Committee, which developed the NTSC color television standard used in North America and several other countries.

The display uses Thin-Film Transistor technology, which is a type of active matrix display technology commonly used in LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels. TFT allows for better image quality, faster response times, and improved color reproduction compared to older passive matrix technologies.


1. Display resolution(dot) 280(W) x 220(H)

2. Active area(mm) 35.6(W) x 26.6(H)

3. Screen size(inch) : 1.75(Diagonal)

4. Dot pitch(mm) 0.127(W) x 0.121(H)

5. Color configuration R. G. B. delta

6. Overall dimension(mm) 48.6(W) x 39.6(H) x 6.1(D)

7. Weight(g) : 22

8 Surface treatment Anti-glare (Haze = 6% typical)


UP018D01 PDF Datasheet