UT22VP10C-25WPA Datasheet PDF – Logic Array Device

Part Number: UT22VP10C-25WPA

Function: Fuse Programmable Logic Array Device

Package: 24-pin 100-mil center DIP, 24-lead flatpack, 28-lead quad-flatpack

Manufacturer: Aeroflex UTMC


UT22VP10C-25WPA datasheet



The UT22VP10 RADPAL is a fuse programmable logic array device. The familiar sum-of-products (AND-OR) logic structure is complemented with a programmable macrocell.

The UT22VP10C-25WPA is available in 24-pin DIP, 24-lead flatpack, and 28-lead quad-flatpack package offerings providing up to 22 inputs and 10 outputs. Amorphous silicon anti-fuse technology provides the programming of each output.


1. High speed Universal RADPAL
– t PD : 15.5ns, 20ns, 25ns maximum
– f MAX1 : 33MHz maximum external frequency
– Supported by industry-standard programmer
– Amorphous silicon anti-fuse

2. Asynchronous and synchronous RADPAL operation
– Synchronous PRESET
– Asynchronous RESET

3. Up to 22 input and 10 output drivers may be configured
– CMOS & TTL-compatible input and output levels
– Three-state output drivers

4. Variable product terms, 8 to 16 per output
– 10 user-programmable output macrocells
– Registered or combinatorial operation
– Output driver polarity control selectable
– Two feedback paths available


UT22VP10C-25WPA Datasheet PDF Download

UT22VP10C-25WPA pdf

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