UTC3843D Datasheet PDF – Current-Mode PWM Controller

Part Number: UTC3843D, UC3843D

Function: Current-Mode PWM Controller

Package:  DIP-8, SOP-8 type

Manufacturer: UTC, TI


UTC3843D PWM controller


The UTC UC3842D provide the necessary functions to implement off-line or DC to DC fixed frequency current mode , controlled switching circuits with a minimal external part count.

It is specially designed for Off Line and DC-to-DC converter applications with minimal external component. This integrated circuit features a trimmed oscillator for precise duty cycle control, a temperature compensated reference, a high gain error amplifier, a current sensing comparator, and a high current totem pole output ideally suited for driving a power MOSFET.


UTC3843D pinout


1. Low external part count.

2. Low start up current ( Typical 0.12mA )

3. Automatic feed forward compensation

4. Pulse-by-Pulse current limiting

5. Under-voltage lockout with hysteresis

6. Double pulse Suppression

7. High current totem pole output to drive MOSFET directly

8. Internally trimmed band gap reference

9. 500kHz operation



1. Wireless Base Station Power

2. Telecom and Datacom Power

3. Industrial Power Systems

4. PC Power Supplies

Reference Site: https://www.dgzj.com/kgdy/78059.html

UTC3843D Datasheet PDF



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