UX60-MB-5ST Datasheet – Mini USB 2.0 Type B, 5 Terminal

Part Number: UX60-MB-5ST

Function: USB Connectors MINI B RECEPT RA SMT W/ POST



UX60-MB-5ST datasheet



This is Metal Shield SMT Type With Positioning Post.


1. Certified to perform as required in USB 2.0 Standard

Tested and certified by USB Association approved laboratory the connectors will perform at transmission speeds up to 480Mbps.

2. Designed for Low Skew performance

The distance between twisted pairs conductors (i.e., contact nos. 2 and 3) is of equal electrical length, for receptacle and plug, resulting in zero theoretical skew.

3. Controlled Termination of Individual Conductors

The termination part of the contact is firmly attached in the molded insulator body. Hirose’s Electric unique design of the metal shield prevents short circuits, allowing the overmold resin to flow in the
terminated area. By not using heat shrinkable tubing (or any other additional process), the non-twisted part of the conductors is very short, suppressing any unwanted impedance disturbances in the termination area.


UX60-MB-5ST Datasheet PDF Download

UX60-MB-5ST pdf

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