VCT49XYI Datasheet PDF – Single-Chip TV processor

Part Number: VCT49XYI

Function: Video-Controller-Text-IF Audio IC Family

Package: DIP 88 pin or QFP 144 pin

Manufacturer: Micronas


VCT49XYI TV Processor


The VCT49xyI, VCT48xyI is an IC family of high-quality single-chip TV processors. Modular design and deep-submicron technology allow the economic integration of features in all classes of single-scan TV sets.

The VCT 49xyI, VCT 48xyI family is based on functional blocks contained and approved in existing
products like DRX 396xA, MSP 34x5G, VSP 94x7B, DDP 3315C, and SDA 55xx.

Each member of the family contains the entire IF, audio, video, display, and deflection processing for 4:3 and 16:9 50/60-Hz mono and stereo TV sets. The integrated microcontroller is supported by a powerful OSD generator with integrated Teletext & CC acquisition including on-chip page memory.


VCT49XYI datasheet


Control and Data Processing

1. 8-bit 8051 instruction set compatible CPU
2. Up to 512 kB on-chip program ROM
3. WST, PDC, VPS, and WSS acquisition
4. Closed-Caption and V-chip acquisition
5. Up to 10 pages on-chip teletext; Up to 1000 pages with external SRAM
6. Powerful OSD generation

IF Processing

1. Alignment-free multi-standard QSS IF processing with a single SAW
2. Programmable group delay equalization

Block Diagram :



The VCT 49xyI, VCT 48xyI family offers a rich feature set, covering the whole range of state-of-the-art 50/ 60 Hz TV applications.

1. PSSDIP88-1/-2 package

2. PMQFP144-2 package

3. Submicron CMOS technology

4. Low-power standby mode

5. Single 20.25 MHz reference crystal

6. 8-bit 8051 instruction set compatible CPU

7. Up to 256 kB on-chip program ROM

8. WST, PDC, VPS, andWSS acquisition

9. Closed Caption and V-chip acquisition

10. Up to 10 pages on-chip teletext memory

11. Multi-standard QSS IF processing with single SAW

12. FM Radio and RDS with standard TV tuner

Other data sheets are available within the file:


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Other data sheets are available within the file: VCT48XYI