VCU2133 Datasheet PDF – Video Codec – Micronas

Part Number: VCU2133

Function: Video Codec

Package: DIP 40P

Manufacturer: Micronas

Image and Pinouts:

VCU2133 datasheet


The VCU2133 Video Codec is intended for converting the analog composite video signal from the video demodulator

into a digital signal.

The latter is further processed digitally in the VPU 2203 Video Processor and in the DPU 2553 Deflection Processor. After processing in the Device ( Color demodulation, PAL compensation etc. ), the VPUs digital output signals ( luminance and color difference ) are reconverted into analog signals in the Device.


Block Diagram :



1. Two input video amlifiers

2. One A/D converter for the composite video signal

3. Two D/A converters for the color difference signals

4. Programmable beam current limiting

VCU2133 Datasheet PDF Download

VCU2133 pdf

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