XL6003 Datasheet – LED Constant Current Driver

Part Number: XL6003

Function: 400KHz 60V 2A Switching Current Boost LED Constant Current Driver

Package: SOP 8 type

Manufacturer: XLSEMI ( www.xlsemi.com )


XL6003 datasheet



The XL6003 regulator is fixed frequency PWM Boost (step-up) LED constant current driver,
capable of driving Series 1W LED units with excellent line and load regulation.

The regulator is simple to use because it includes internal frequency compensation and a fixed-frequency oscillator so that it requires a minimum number of external components to work.

The driver could directly drive 6 Series 1W LED units at VIN>12V .


1. Wide 3.6V to 24V Input Voltage Range

2. 0.22V FB adjustable LED drive current

3. Directly drive 6 Series 1W LED at VIN>=12V

4. Fixed 400KHz Switching Frequency

5. Max. 2A Switching Current Capability

6. Up to 92% efficiency

7. Excellent line and load regulation

8. EN PIN TTL shutdown capability

9. Internal Optimize Power MOSFET


1. LED Lighting

2. Boost constant current driver

3. Monitor LED Backlighting

4. 7’ to 15’ LCD Panels


XL6003 Datasheet PDF Download

XL6003 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: XL-6003