Z8018233FSC Datasheet PDF – Smart Peripheral Controller IC

Part Number: Z8018233FSC

Function: Zilog intelligent peripheral controller (ZIP).

Package: QFP, VQFP 100 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Zilog


Z8018233FSC datasheet



The Z80182 / Z8L182, Z8018233FSC is a smart peripheral controller IC for modem (in particular V. Fast applications), fax, voice messaging and other communications applications. It uses the Z80180 microprocessor (Z8S180 MPU core) linked with two channels of the industry standard Z85230 ESCC (Enhanced Serial Communications Controller), 24 bits of parallel I/O, and a 16550 MIMIC for direct connection to the IBM PC, XT, AT bus.



1. Z8S180 MPU :

– Code Compatible with Zilog Z80/Z180 CPU
– Extended Instructions
– Operating Frequency: 33 MHz/5V or 20 MHz/3.3V
– Two DMA Channels
– On-Chip Wait State Generators
– Two UART Channels
– Two 16-Bit Timer Counters
– On-Chip Interrupt Controller
– On-Chip Clock Oscillator/Generator
– Clocked Serial I/O Port
– Fully Static
– Low EMI Option


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Z8018233FSC pdf

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