ZL30143 Datasheet PDF – System Synchronizer and SETS

Part Number: ZL30143

Function: SyncE SONET / SDH G.8262 / Stratum3 System Synchronizer / SETS

Package: CABGA 100 pin type

Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation

Image and Pinouts:

ZL30143 datasheet



The ZL30143 System Synchronizer and SETS device is a highly integrated device that provides all of the functionality that is required for a central timing card in carrier grade network equipment.

Targeting central timing card applications in carrier-grade networking equipment, the
ZL30143 chip integrates analog and digital phase locked loops (APLL/DPLL). The device
provides two independent DPLLs for applications that require independent transmit and
receive timing paths. Delivering high performance at a considerably lower cost versus the
competition, the ZL30143 product requires only an inexpensive temperature controlled
crystal oscillator (TCXO) to achieve full compliance with ITU-T Recommendation G.8262.


1. Input reference monitoring for both frequency accuracy and phase irregularities

2. Automatic input reference selection

3. Support of both external timing and line timing modes

4. Hitless reference switching

5. Wander and jitter filtering

6. Master/slave crossover for minimizing phase alignment between redundant timing cards

7. Independent derived output timing path for support of the SETS functionality


Reference Site:

1. https://www.microsemi.com/document-portal/doc_download/127134-zl30143-shortform-datasheet-jul09

2. https://www.microsemi.com/product-directory/sdh-sonet/4650-zl30143


ZL30143 Datasheet PDF Download

ZL30143 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: ZL3O143, ZL-30143