070XZ01Z PDF – Low Power-loss Voltage Regulator – Sharp

Part Number: 070XZ01Z, PQ070XZ01Z

Function: Low Voltage Operation Low Power-loss Voltage Regulator

Package: SC-63 Type, 5 Pin

Manufacturer: Sharp Electrionic Components

Images:070XZ01Z pinout datasheet


The 070XZ01Z is Low Power-loss Voltage Regulator.

A low power-loss voltage regulator is a type of voltage regulator that minimizes power losses during the voltage conversion process. Voltage regulators are electronic circuits or devices used to maintain a stable output voltage regardless of input voltage fluctuations or load variations.

In a typical voltage regulator, there are power losses associated with the voltage drop across the regulator and the power dissipated as heat. A low power-loss voltage regulator aims to reduce these losses and increase overall efficiency. This is particularly important in applications where power efficiency is critical, such as battery-powered devices or energy-conscious systems.


1. Low voltage operation (Minimum operating voltage:2.35V) 2.5V input → available 1.5 to 1.8V

2. Low dissipation current
1) Dissipation current at no load:MAX.2mA (Conventional model:MAX.10mA)
2) OFF-state dissipation current:MAX.5μA


1. Peripheral equipment of personal computers
2. Power supplies for various electronic equipment such as DVD player or STB  […]

070XZ01Z pdf


By combining these techniques, low power-loss voltage regulators can achieve higher efficiencies and reduce wasted power, making them suitable for applications that require improved energy efficiency and extended battery life.

070XZ01Z Datasheet


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