1084MC Datasheet – 4.5A, Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Part Number: FAN1084MC

Marking Code:1084MC

Function: 4.5A, Adjustable/Fixed Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Package: TO-263 Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor


1084MC datasheet


The FAN1084, FAN1084-1.5, and FAN1084-3.3 are low dropout three-terminal regulators with 4.5A output current capability. These devices have been optimized for low voltage applications including VTTbus termination, where transient response and minimum input voltage are critical.

On-chip thermal limiting provides protection against any combination of overload and ambient temperature that would create excessive junction temperatures.


• Fast transient response
• Low dropout voltage at up to 4.5A
• Load regulation: 0.5% typical
• On-chip thermal limiting
• Standard TO-220, TO-263 center cut, and TO-252 packages


• Desktop PCs, RISC and embedded processors’ supply
• GTL, SSTL logic Reference bus supply
• Low voltage VCC logic supply
• Battery-powered circuitry
• Post regulator for switching supply
• Cable and ADSL modems’ DSP core supply
• Set Top Boxes and Web Boxes modules’ supply


Other data sheets are available within the file: 1084D, 1084T, FAN1084D, FAN1084D-1.5

1084MC Datasheet PDF Download

1084MC pdf

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