12MBI75VN-120-50 Datasheet PDF – IGBT, 1200V, 75A

Part Number: 12MBI75VN-120-50

Function: IGBT Module / 1200V, 75A / Solder pin

Manufacturer: Fuji Electric

Image and Pinouts:

12MBI75VN-120-50 datasheet



This is 1200V, 75A, IGBT.

1. Significant Low Power Loss and Size Reduction of Equipment

2. Integrates 3-Phase of AT-NPC 3-level conversion circuitry realized with Fuji Electric’s proprietary reverse-blocking IGBT(RB-IGBT) technology reducing large amout of power loss.

3. Two Types of Terminal Pins Available

4. Provides product lineups equipped with solder pins or press-fit pins depending on assembly line.


1. Higher Efficiency

2. Low inductance module structure


1. Inverter for Motor Drive

2. Power conditioner

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12MBI75VN-120-50 Datasheet PDF Download

12MBI75VN-120-50 pdf