1410313C Datasheet – 10 uH, Bobbin Type Inductor – Murata

Part Number: 1410313C

Function: 1400 Series / Bobbin Type Inductor

Manufacturer: Murata Power Solutions


1410313C datasheet



The 1410313C Series is suitable for many power supply and other general purpose filtering applications. This is General Purpose Bobbin Core Inductor.

The use of a non-magnetic screw will ensure mechanical stability.


1. Low DC resistance
2. Fully tinned leads
3. PCB mounting hole
4. Low temperature dependence
5. Backward compatible with  Sn/Pb  soldering systems
6. Custom parts available

Other data sheets are available within the file:

1410454C, 1410460C, 1410478C, 1410516C


1410313C Datasheet PDF Download

1410313C pdf

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