15F204EA PDF Datasheet – Microcontroller – STC15F204EA

Part Number: 15F204EA, STC15F204EA

Function: Single-chip microcontroller based on a high performance 80C51 CPU

Package type : SOP-28,SKDIP-28

Manufacturer: STC MCU Limited ( www.STCMCU.com )


15F204EA pdf datasheet



The 15F204EA series is a single-chip microcontroller based on a high performance 1T architecture 80C51 CPU, which is produced by STC MCU Limited. With the enhanced kernel, STC15F204EA series execute instructions in 1~6 clock cycles (about 6~7 times the rate of a standard 8051 device), and has a fully compatible instruction set with industrial-standard 80C51 series microcontroller. In-System-Programming (ISP) and In-Application- Programming (IAP) support the users to upgrade the program and data in system.

ISP allows the user to download new code without removing the microcontroller from the actual end product; IAP means that the device can write non-valatile data in Flash memory while the application program is running. the STC15F204EA series has 9 interrupt sources, 10-bit ADC, on-chip high-precision RC oscillator and a one-time enabled Watch- Dog Timer.



1. Enhanced 80C51 Central Processing Unit, faster 6~7 times than the rate of a standard 8051

2. Operating voltage range: 3.8 ~ 5.5V or 2.4V ~ 3.6V (STC15L204EA series)

3. Operating frequency range: 5MHz ~ 35MHz, is equivalent to standard 8051: 60MHz ~ 420MHz

4. A high-precision internal RC oscillator with temperature drifting ±1% (-400 °C~+850 °C)

5. Internal RC oscillator with adjustable frequency to 5.5296MHz/11.0592MHz/22.1184MHz/33.1776MHz

6. On-chip 256 bytes RAM and 1K~6K bytes code flash with flexible ISP/IAP capability



15F204EA Datasheet PDF