17N80C3 Datasheet – Cool MOS Power Transistor – Infineon

Part Number: 17N80C3

Function: Cool MOS Power Transistor ( Vds = 800V, Rds(on) = 0.29 Ohm, Id = 17A )

Package: TO 220 Type

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

Image :
17N80C3 transistor


1. New revolutionary high voltage technology
2. Worldwide best RDS(on)in TO 220
3. Ultra low gate charge
4. Periodic avalanche rated
5. Extreme dv/dt rated
6. Ultra low effective capacitances
7. Improved transconductance
8. PG-TO-220-3-31: Fully isolated package (2500 VAC; 1 minute)

17N80C3 datasheet pinout


17N80C3 Datasheet PDF

LM3914 pdf


Other data sheets are available within the file: SPP17N80C3, SPA17N80C3, SPB17N80C3, Q67040-S4353

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