1N5349 PDF – Diode Zener 12V 20% 5W

Part Number: 1N5349

Function: Diode Zener, 12V 20% 5W

Package: 2-Pin Case T-18 tYPE

Manufacturer: New Jersey Semiconductor


1N5349 pdf datasheet


The 1N5349 is 5W, 12V, Zener Diode.

A Zener diode is a type of semiconductor device that is designed to operate in the reverse-bias mode, allowing it to be used as a voltage regulator.

A Zener diode consists of a P-N junction that is designed to allow the flow of current in the reverse direction when the voltage across the diode exceeds the Zener voltage. This characteristic makes it useful as a voltage reference and a voltage stabilizer. The Zener voltage can be precisely controlled during the manufacturing process, which makes Zener diodes ideal for use in voltage regulation circuits.

Characteristics and Applications:

1. Reverse Breakdown: Unlike regular diodes, which are designed to operate in the forward bias region, Zener diodes are engineered to exhibit a controlled and precise breakdown voltage in the reverse bias region. This allows them to maintain a relatively constant voltage across their terminals when the reverse voltage reaches or exceeds their specified breakdown voltage, also known as the Zener voltage.

2. Voltage Regulation: Zener diodes are commonly employed in voltage regulation circuits. By connecting a Zener diode in parallel with a load, the diode regulates the voltage across the load by maintaining a constant voltage drop (equal to the Zener voltage) regardless of variations in the input voltage or load resistance.

3. Voltage Reference: Zener diodes are frequently used as voltage references in various applications, such as analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and precision voltage sources. By carefully selecting a Zener diode with a specific breakdown voltage, it can provide a stable reference voltage for precise measurements or voltage biasing.

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1N5349 PDF Datasheet