1N4007 vs 1N4148 Rectifier, Diode ( Datasheet )

Difference between 1N4007 vs 1N4007

These are the two most commonly used diodes when choosing diodes for electronic circuits.

The 1N4007 is a rectifier diode that can handle high current and voltage loads, while the 1N4148 is a fast switching diode that can handle low current and voltage loads.

What is 1N4007?

This is 1A, 1000V, Rectfier (Diode).

Function: 1.0A RECTIFIER / Surge Overload Rating to 30A Peak

Package: DO-41 Type

Manufacturer: Diodes Incorporated.

Image and Pinouts:
1N4007 datasheet


This is 1000V, 1A, Rectifier, Diode. The 1N4007 diode is a standard rectifier diode that is widely used in electronic circuits. It has a maximum current rating of 1A, a reverse voltage rating of 1000V, and a forward voltage drop of 1V. This diode is typically used in low-frequency applications, such as power supplies and battery chargers, where its high voltage rating and low forward voltage drop make it a good choice. However, the 1N4007 diode has some disadvantages as well. It has a slow recovery time, which means that it takes longer to switch off than other types of diodes. This can lead to problems in high-frequency applications where fast switching is required.


1. Diffused Junction
2. High Current Capability and Low Forward Voltage Drop
3. Surge Overload Rating to 30A Peak
4. Low Reverse Leakage Current

Mechanical Data:

1. Case: DO-41
2. Case Material: Molded Plastic. UL Flammability Classfication Rating 94V-0
3. Moisture Sensitivity: Level 1 per J-STD-020D
4. Terminals: Finish – Bright Tin. Plated Leads Solde MIL-STD-202, Method 208
5. Polarity: Cathode Band



What is 1N4148?

Function: 100V, 500mW, Diode, Rectifier

Package: Axial Type

Manufacturer: Diotec Semiconductor Germany

Image and Pinouts:
1N4148 datasheet


The 1N4148 diode is a fast-switching diode that is commonly used in high-frequency applications, such as RF circuits and signal processing circuits.

One of the main advantages of the 1N4148 diode is its fast recovery time, which makes it ideal for use in high-frequency circuits. It also has a low junction capacitance, which means that it can handle high-frequency signals without introducing significant distortion.

1N4148 is a commonly used small signal diode that is used for high-frequency rectification, signal clipping, and protection of sensitive electronic components.

This is 100V, 500mW, Small Signal Diode, Rectifier.

However, the 1N4148 diode has some disadvantages as well. It has a relatively low voltage rating, which makes it unsuitable for use in high-voltage circuits.

Main difference:

If you use the 1N4007 in a circuit where switching speed is important, you may not get the desired result because of the reverse recovery time. Conversely, if you use the 1N4148 in a circuit where rectification speed is important, you may damage the diode because of the voltage and current capacity.

1N4007 Datasheet

1N4007 pdf

Download 1N4148 Datasheet PDF

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