1N4148 Diode – 100V, 300mA, Switching Rectifier

The Part Number is 1N4148, IN4148.

The function of this diode is Small Signal Fast Switching Diode.

Package: DO-25 ( DO-204AH )

Manufacturer: Vishay Telefunken

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1N4148 Diode is 100V, 300mA, Rectifier. A switching diode, also known as a fast diode or a high-speed diode, is a type of diode designed specifically for high-speed switching applications. These diodes are characterized by their ability to transition quickly between their conducting (forward-biased) and non-conducting (reverse-biased) states, making them suitable for use in electronic circuits where fast switching times are crucial.

1. Voltage Rating (100V): This indicates the maximum reverse voltage that the diode can handle without breaking down or experiencing a reverse breakdown voltage. In other words, the diode can be reverse-biased up to 100 volts before it may start conducting in the reverse direction due to a breakdown.

2. Current Rating (300mA): This represents the maximum forward current that the diode can handle without becoming damaged. In this case, the diode is rated for a continuous forward current of 300 milliamperes (mA).

3. Switching Diode: The term “switching diode” suggests that this diode is designed for high-speed switching applications. Switching diodes are typically characterized by fast recovery times, low capacitance, and low forward voltage drop.

They are commonly used in applications where rapid on/off switching is required, such as in rectifiers, signal clippers, and voltage clamps.


1. Case : DO-35 (DO-204AH)

2. Weigh t: approx. 105 mg

3. Cathode band color : black

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1. Silicon epitaxial planar diode

2. Electrically equivalent diodes : 1N4148 – 1N914

3.  Material categorization :


1. Extreme fast switches


Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Repetitive peak reverse voltage : VRRM = 100 V

2. Reverse voltage : VR = 75 V

3. Peak forward surge current (tp = 1 μs) : IFSM = 2 A

4. Repetitive peak forward current : IFRM = 500 mA

5. Forward continuous current : IF = 300 mA

6. Average forward current (VR = 0) : IF(AV) = 150 mA

7. Power dissipation :

( l = 4 mm, TL = 45 °C) Ptot = 440 mW
( l = 4 mm, TL ≤ 25 °C) Ptot = 500 mW

1N4148 PDF Diode

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