1N4728B Datasheet PDF – 3.3V, 1W, Zener Diode

Part Number: 1N4728B, 1N4729B Thru 1N4757B

Function: 3.3V, 1W,  5%, Zener Diode

Package : DO-41 Type

Manufacturer: Rectron Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

1N4728B datasheet



This is 3.3V, 1W, Zener Diode ( Rectifier ).


1. Power Dissipation Ptot : 1.0W
2. Power Derating (above 50’C) : 6.67 mW/’C
3. Forward Voltage @ lf=200mA Vf : 1.5V
4. Vz Tolerence : 5%

Mechanical Data

1. Case : Hermetically sealed glass
2. Lead/Finish : Double stud/Solder Plating
3. Chip : Glass Passivated

Other data sheets are available within the file: 1N4729A, 1N4729B, 1N4730A, 1N4730B

1N4728B Datasheet PDF Download

1N4728B pdf

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