1N5221 Diode – 500mW, 2.4V, Rectifier ( Datasheet PDF )

Part Number: 1N5221

Function: 500mW, 2.4V, GALSS AXIAL-LEAD ZENER DIODE, Rectifier

Package: DO-35, DO-204AH Type

Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation

Image and Pinouts:

1N5221 datasheet



The popular 1N5221 thru 1N5281B series of 0.5 watt Zener Voltage Regulators provides a selection from 2.4 to 200 volts in standard 5% or 10% tolerances as well as tighter tolerances identified by different suffix letters on the part number. These glass axial-leaded DO-7 Zeners are also available in various military screening levels by adding a prefix identifier as described in the Features section. Microsemi also offers numerous other Zener products to meet higher and lower power applications.



1. JEDEC registered 1N5221 to 1N5281B

2. Internal bonds optionally available with “-1” suffix

3. Options for screening in accordance with MIL-PRF-19500 for JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, and JANS are available by adding MQ, MX, MV, or MSP prefixes respectively to part numbers with “-1” suffix.

4. Surface mount equivalents available as MLL5221 to MLL5281B in the DO-213AA MELF style package including “-1” suffix options (consult factory for others)

5. RoHS Compliant devices available by adding “e3” suffix

6. DO-7 glass body axial-leaded Zener equivalents are also available



1N5221 Datasheet PDF Download


1N5221 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file:

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