1N5391S Diode – 1.5A, 50V, Rectifier ( Datasheet PDF )

Part Number: 1N5391S

Function: 1.5A, 50V, Rectifier, Diode

Package: DO-41, DO-15 Type

Manufacturer: Diodes Incorporated.

Image and Pinouts:

1N5391S datasheet



The 1N5391S is a 1.5A, 50V, Rectifier, High current capability and low forward voltage drop.

A rectifier is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts electrical current in only one direction, and acts as a barrier to current flow in the opposite direction. It is a type of semiconductor device that is widely used in electronic circuits for a variety of purposes, including rectification, voltage regulation, and signal processing.

Rectifiers are widely used in a variety of applications, including power supplies, rectifiers, voltage regulators, and signal processing circuits. They are also used as protective devices in electronic circuits, to protect sensitive components from overvoltage or reverse voltage.


1. Fast Switching for High Efficiency

2. High Current Capability and Low Forward Voltage Drop

3. Low Reverse Leakage Current

4. Surge Overload Rating to 50A Peak


Mechanical Data :

1. Case: DO-41, DO-15

2. Case Material: Molded Plastic.UL Flammability Classification Rating 94V-0

3. Moisture Sensitivity: Level 1 per J-STD-020C

4. Terminals: Finish ⎯Tin. Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208

5. Polarity: Cathode Band

1N5391S Datasheet PDF Download

1N5391S pdf

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