20PMT03 Datasheet PDF – 10/100 Base TX Transformer

Part Number: 20PMT03

Function: 10/100 Base TX Transformer

Package: SMD 16 Pin type

Manufacturer: YCL

Images :

20PMT03 datasheet



This is 10/100 Base TX Transformer.

Specifications: At 25 degree C.

1. Primary inductance (Lp): 350µH min. @ 100Khz/100mV/8mAdc bias.
2. Leakage inductance (LL): 0.9µH max. @ 100Khz/100mV.
3. Primary Capacitance (Cww): 18pf max.
4. Turn Ratio: TX: 1CT:1CT, RX: 1CT:1CT

Feature :

1. Designed to meet IEEE802.3u Requirement.
2. Designed to meet IR 235 Degree C Peak Requirement


20PMT03 Transformer Schematic

Other data sheets are available within the file: 20PMT

20PMT03 Datasheet PDF Download

20PMT03 pdf

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