24LCS62 Datasheet – 2K, Addressable I2C Serial EEPROM

Part Number: 24LCS62

Function: 2K Software Addressable I2C Serial EEPROM

Package: DIP 8, SOIC, TSSOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology

Image and Pinouts:

24LCS62 datasheet



EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. It is a type of non-volatile memory that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. EEPROMs are used to store small amounts of data that need to be saved even when the power is turned off, such as the settings of an electronic device or a small amount of code that needs to be retained after a power cycle.

The Microchip Technology Inc. The 24LCS62 is a 1K/2K bit Serial EEPROM developed for applications that require many devices on the same bus but do not have the I/O pins required to address each one individually. These devices contain an 8 bit address register that is set upon power-up and allows the connection of up to 255 devices on the same bus. When the process of assigning ID values to each device is in progress, the device will automatically handle bus arbitration if more than one device is operating on the bus. In addition, an external open drain output pin is available that can be used to enable other circuitry associated with each individual system. Low current design permits operation with typical standby and active currents of only 10µA and 1 mA respectively. The device has a page write capability for up to 16 bytes of data.


1. Low-power CMOS technology

(1) 1 mA active current typical
(2) 10 μA standby current typical at 5.5V

2. Software addressability allows up to 255 devices on the same bus

3. 2-wire serial interface bus, I2C compatible

4. Automatic bus arbitration

5. Wakes up to control code 0110


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