25LV512 Datasheet PDF – 512 Kbit, Serial Flash Memory

Part Number: 25LV512

Function: 512 Kbit, 3.0 Volt-only, Serial Flash Memory With 25 MHz SPI Bus Interface

Package: 8-pin JEDEC SOIC, 8-contact WSON Type

Manufacturer: PMC ( Programmable Microelectronics Corp )


25LV512 datasheet


The 25LV010, 25LV512 are 512 Kbit/1 Mbits 3.0 Volt-only serial Flash memories. These devices are designed to use a single low voltage, range from 2.7 Volt to 3.6 Volt, power supply to perform read, erase and program operations. The devices can be programmed in standard EPROM programmers as well.

Serial Flash Memory is a type of non-volatile memory that stores data using a serial interface instead of a parallel interface. It is also commonly referred to as Serial NOR Flash. Unlike parallel flash memory, which transfers data in parallel over multiple data lines, serial flash transfers data serially, bit by bit, over a single data line.


25LV512 pinout memory


1. Single Power Supply Operation : Low voltage range: 2.7 V – 3.6 V

2. Memory Organization : 64K x 8 (512 Kbit)

3. High Performance Read : 25 MHz clock rate (maximum)

4. Single Cycle Reprogramming for Status Register : Build-in erase before programming


Other data sheets are available within the file: Pm25LV512, Pm25LV010, 25LV010

25LV512 Datasheet PDF


25LV512 pdf

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