2929SQ-391JEB Datasheet PDF – Square Air Core Inductor

Part Number: 2929SQ-391JEB

Function: Square Air Core Inductor

Manufacturer: Coilcraft Inc


2929SQ-391JEB datasheet



This is Square Air Core Inductor.


1. Excellent Q factors – up to 230 at 400 MHz!

2. Current handling as high as 5.7 Amps

3. Inductance values from 47 to 500 nH

4. Flat top and bottom for reliable pick and place and mechanical  stability


Other data sheets are available within the file:

1515SQ, 1515SQ-47N, 1515SQ-47NGEB, 1515SQ-47NJEB, 2222SQ, 2929SQ

2929SQ-391JEB Datasheet PDF Download

2929SQ-391JEB pdf

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