2CL77 Datasheet – 20Kv High Voltage Diode, Rectifier ( PDF )

Part Number: 2CL77

Function: 20kV, Fast Recovery High Voltage Diode

Package: Lead Type

Manufacturer: SiPower, Gete Electronics,


2CL77 Diode Rectifier


2CL77 is high reliability resin molded type high voltage diode in small size package which is sealed a multilayed mesa type silicon chip by epoxy resin. The 2CL is notable for its avalanche breakdown protection in addition to a low leakage current and fast recovery time. Each semiconductor comes
in an axial epoxy resin package that is heat resistant to temperatures up to one hundred-fifty degrees Celsius and down to negative forty Celsius.


2CL77 datasheet pinout


1. High speed switching
2. High Current
3. High surge resisitivity for CRT discharge
4. High reliability design
5. High Voltage


1. X light Power supply
2. Laser
3. Voltage doubler circuit
4. Microwave emission power

2CL77 Datasheet PDF Download

2CL77 pdf

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