2MMT110 Datasheet PDF – Motor Protector / Thermal Cut-Out

Part Number: 2MMT110

Function: Motor Protector / Thermal Cut-Out

Manufacturer: Sensata Technologies


2MMT110 datasheet



The 2MMT110 is Motor Protector / Thermal Cut-Out.

Sensata Technologies builds the 2MM motor protector to meet almost any requirement of protection in a wide range of small motors, small transformers, solenoids, etc..

This compact motor protector is the best solution to protect the wide variety of motors used in industrial and domestic appliances against locked rotor and overload situations.

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The motor protector 2MM consists of a metal housing that holds and protects the inner components against infiltration as well as mechanical deformation.

The can contains the calibrated Klixon disc carrying a silver contact. The fixed contact is placed on
the opposite side, separated from the terminal by an insulator.

The 2MM is available in two versions: with epoxy insulation and with additional sleeve.


1. Field proven reliable and repeatable snap-action bimetal actuation.

2. Low profile shape for close coupling to on- or in-winding application.

3. On customers request additional sleeve available.

4. Competitive performance-price ratio



1. Small motors

2. Coils

3. Solenoid valves

4. Transformers


Other data sheets are available within the file: 2MMT100, 2MMT105, 2MMT115, 2MMT120


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