2SJ28 Datasheet – P-Channel V-fet Transistor ( PDF )

Part Number: 2SJ28

Function: P-Channel VFET for TA-N88 Class D AMP


Image and Pinouts:
2SJ28 datasheet


2SJ28 is a very special P Channel Vertical Field Transistor (VFET) used in Sony Class First Class-D Amplifier (Model: TA-N88(B).

Why VFETs?

It’s all about the curves. The properties of a gain device are often described by lines on a two dimensional graphic. The location and shape of these lines can give some insight into the performance of the part, providing a map of the territory, the “roads, rivers, hills and valleys”, which the gain device navigates while doing the job of amplifying the audio signal.

Reference Site: https://www.circuitdiy.com/product/sony-vfet/

2SJ28 Datasheet PDF Download

2SJ28 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: J28