3386P-1-103T Datasheet PDF – Trimming Potentiometer

Part Number: 3386P-1-103T

Function: 386 – 3/8 ” Square Trimpot, Trimming Potentiometer

Manufacturer: Bourns, Inc


3386P-1-103T datasheet



This is 3/8 ˝ Square Trimpot Trimming Potentiometer.


1. Single Turn / Cermet / Industrial / Sealed

2. Available on tape and reel

3. Available with a knob for fi nger adjust

4. Available with extended shaft

5. Available with cross-slot rotor

6. Top and side adjust types (F, P, H, W, X most popular)

Other data sheets are available within the file: 3386F, 3386G, 3386H-EY5, 3386M

3386P-1-103T Datasheet PDF Download

3386P-1-103T pdf

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