L6599A Datasheet PDF – Resonant Controller – ST

Part Number: L6599A

Function: Improved high-voltage resonant controller

Package: DIP 16, SO16N

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics ( https://www.st.com/ )

Image :

L6599A Resonant Controller


The L6599A is an improved revision of the previous L6599. It is a double-ended controller specific to series-resonant half bridge topology. It provides 50% complementary duty cycle: the high-side switch and the low-side switch are driven ON/OFF 180° out-of-phase for exactly the same time. Output voltage regulation is obtained by modulating the operating frequency. A fixed deadtime inserted between the turn-off of one switch and the turn-on of the other guarantees soft-switching and enables high-frequency operation.

To drive the high-side switch with the bootstrap approach, the IC incorporates a high-voltage floating structure able to withstand more than 600 V with a synchronous-driven high-voltage DMOS that replaces the external fast-recovery bootstrap diode. The IC enables the designer to set the operating frequency range of the converter by means of an externally programmable oscillator.

At startup, to prevent uncontrolled inrush current, the switching frequency starts from a programmable maximum value and progressively decays until it reaches the steady-state value determined by the control loop. This frequency shift is non-linear to minimize output voltage overshoots; its duration is programmable as well.


L6599A datasheet pinout


1. 50% duty cycle, variable frequency control of resonant half bridge

2. High-accuracy oscillator

3. Up to 500 kHz operating frequency

4. Two-level OCP: frequency-shift and latched shutdown

5. Interface with PFC controller

6. Latched disable input

7. Burst mode operation at light load

8. Input for power-ON/OFF sequencing or brownout protection

9. Non-linear soft-start for monotonic output voltage rise

10. 600 V-rail compatible high-side gate driver with integrated bootstrap diode and high dv/dt immunity

11. -300/800 mA high-side and low-side gate drivers with UVLO pull-down

A resonant controller is an electronic device or control strategy used in power electronics systems to regulate and optimize power transfer in resonant circuits. It is commonly employed in applications such as resonant power converters, wireless power transfer systems, and resonant inverters.

Resonant circuits are composed of inductors, capacitors, and sometimes transformers, forming LC or LCL tank circuits. These circuits can store and exchange energy at a specific resonant frequency. The resonant controller is responsible for controlling the operation of the power electronics system in such a way that power is transferred efficiently and effectively.

Other data sheets are available within the file: L6599AN, L6599AD, L6599ADTR


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