3TF46 Datasheet PDF – AC Magnetic Contactor – Siemens

Part Number: 3TF46

Function : AC Magnetic Contactor

Manufacturer: Siemens




The 3TF46 is AC Magnetic Contactor.

3TD Reversing Contactor Combinations are suitable for frequency of 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 690 ~ 1000V, rated operational current 9A ~ 400A at rated operational voltage 380V under AC – 3. They are mainly used for controlling the forward and reverse rotation. They comply with IEC947, VDE0660, GB14048.


Operating Conditions :

1. The altitude of the site of installation does not exceed 2000 meters above sea levels.

2. The ambient air temperature: -25 ~ +55°C

3. Relative humidity does not exceed 50% at +40°C and 90% at +25°C

4. Atmospheric conditions: the air does not contain any explosive medium, corrosive gases and conductive dust.

5. Never be shocked and vibrated obviously.

6. Never be wetted by rain and snow.






1. It is a Combinations consisting of two same type sets of 3TF AC contactors, between which one is interlocked by another through a mechanical device.

2. The mechanical interlocking device does not affect the acting time of a single set of AC contactors.

3. The conducting wires of the main circuit and auxiliary circuit have been connected. (The products without connection can also be suplied.)

4. Compact in size, reliable in interlocking.

5. The overload relays 3UA can be mounting directly on the 3TD (up to 3TD42).


3TF46 Datasheet


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