E13003 Datasheet PDF – 400V, 1.5A, NPN Transistor

Part Number: E13003

Function: 1.5A, 400V, NPN POWER TRANSISTOR

Package: TO-92 Type

Manufacturer: Daesan Electronics

Image and Pinouts:

E13003 datasheet



This is 400V, 1.5A, Silicon NPN Transistor.

The device is designed for high–voltage, high–speed power switching inductive circuits where fall time is critical.


1. High Speed switching
2. Suitable for switching regulator and motor control
3. Case : TO-92 molded plastic body

Absolute maximum ratings

1. Collector-Base Voltage: Vcbo = 700 V
2. Collector-Emitter Voltage: Vceo = 400 V
3. Emitter-Base Voltage: Vebo = 9 V
4. Collector Current (DC) : Ic = 1.5 A
5. Collector Current (Pulse) : Icp = 3 A
6. Operating and storage junction temperature range : Tj, tstg = – 55°C to 150 °C

Other data sheets are available within the file: 13003

E13003 Datasheet PDF Download

E13003 pdf


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