5088SS Datasheet – Lithium Battery Protection IC

5088SS IC is a highly integrated solution for single-cell lithium-ion/lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack protection. FM5088SS includes advanced power MOSFET, high-precision voltage detection circuit and delay circuit.

Part Number: FM5088SS

Function: 2-in-1 Lithium Battery Protection IC

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Shen zhen Fine Made Electronics


5088SS pdf datasheet


5088SS has all required battery protection functions such as overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, etc., and its power consumption is very low when working.

This chip is suitable for all kinds of information product applications that require long-term power supply from lithium-ion or lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries.


1. Internally integrated advanced power MOSFET equivalent to approximately 18mΩ

2. Two-stage discharge overcurrent protection: overdischarge current 1, load short circuit current

3. Charging overcurrent protection

4. Includes 0V charging function

5. Internal setting of delay time

6. High-precision voltage detection

7. Low static current consumption

8. Normal operating current 3.0uA

9. Compatible with ROHS and lead-free standards.


5088SS pinout fm5088SS

Function Description

5088SS is a high-precision lithium battery protection circuit. Under normal conditions, if the battery is charged, the FM5088SS may enter the over-voltage charging protection state; at the same time, it will return to the normal state after certain conditions are met. If the battery is discharged, it may enter the over-voltage discharge protection state or over-current discharge protection state; at the same time, it will return to the normal state after certain conditions are met.

1. Normal state

Under normal conditions, the FM5088SS is powered by the battery. Its VDD terminal voltage is between the overvoltage charging protection threshold VOC and the overvoltage discharge protection threshold VOD. The VM terminal voltage is between the charger detection voltage (VCHG) and the overcurrent discharge protection threshold (VEDI). ), the built-in N-MOS tube is conductive. At this time, you can either use the charger to charge the battery, or you can discharge the battery through the load.

Protection conditions
Under normal conditions, when charging the battery, if the VDD terminal voltage rises above the over-voltage charging protection threshold VOC, and the duration exceeds the over-voltage charging protection delay time tOC, the FM5088SS will turn off the built-in N-MOS tube and the charging circuit will be shut down. “Cut off”, that is, 5088SS enters the over-voltage charging protection state.


1. Single-cell lithium-ion battery pack

2. Lithium polymer battery pack.

5088SS Datasheet PDF

5088SS pdf