55N03LT PDF Datasheet – 25V, 55A, MOSFET – PHB55N03LT

This post describes for the semiconductor 55N03LT.

The function of this semiconductor is N-channel TrenchMOS Transistor.

The manufacturer of this parts is NXP.

See the preview image and the 55N03LT Datasheet PDF file for more information.

55N03LT pinout


55N03LT is 25V, 55A, N-channel TrenchMOS Transistor.

An N-channel TrenchMOS transistor is a specific type of power MOSFET that is designed using the trench technology. TrenchMOS is a modern approach to fabricating power MOSFETs, providing improved performance and efficiency compared to traditional planar MOSFET structures.

N-channel enhancement mode logic level field-effect power transistor in a plastic envelope using ’trench’ technology.


• ’Trench’ technology

• Very low on-state resistance

• Fast switching

• Low thermal resistance

• Logic level compatible

55N03LT pdf datasheet

N-channel TrenchMOS transistors are widely used in various power electronic applications, including power supplies, motor drives, DC-DC converters, and other high-power switching applications.

The PHP55N03LT is supplied in the SOT78 (TO220AB) conventional leaded package.

The PHB55N03LT is supplied in the SOT404 (D2PAK) surface mounting package.

The PHD55N03LT is supplied in the SOT428 (DPAK)surface mounting package.


• High frequency computer motherboard d.c. to d.c. converters

• High current switching

55N03LT PDF Datasheet