5STP34N5200 Datasheet PDF – 3450A, 5200V, SCR, Thyristor

Part Number: 5STP34N5200

Function: 3450A, 5200V, Phase Control Thyristor

Package: Disk Type

Manufacturer: ABB

Image and Pinouts:

5STP34N5200 datasheet



The 5STP34N5200 is 3450A, 5200V, SCR, Thyristor.

A thyristor is a type of solid-state semiconductor device that acts as a switch and controls the flow of current in an electrical circuit. It is often referred to as a “silicon controlled rectifier” (SCR) and is used to regulate the flow of electric power in various applications such as power supplies, motor drives, light dimming, and temperature control.

Thyristors have three or four layers of alternating p-type and n-type semiconductor material and are typically triggered into operation by a small current applied to the gate terminal. Once triggered, the thyristor remains in the “on” state until the current flowing through the device is interrupted or the voltage across the device falls below a certain level.


1. Patented free-floating silicon technology

2. Low on-state and switching losses

3. Designed for traction, energy and industrial applications

4. Optimum power handling capability

5. Interdigitated amplifying gate

Other data sheets are available within the file: 5STP34N4600, 5STP34N5000


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