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Part Number: 7400

Function: LED Panel Mount Cartridge Indicator

Package: Panel Mount LED Assemble

Manufacturer: Wilbrecht Electronics

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The 4400, 7400 Series is LED Panel Mount Cartridge Indicator. An LED Panel Mount Cartridge Indicator is a type of indicator or signal device that incorporates one or more Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and is designed to be mounted on a panel or enclosure in various applications, including automotive contexts. These indicators are commonly used to provide visual feedback, status information, or warnings in a wide range of systems and equipment, including cars and other vehicles.


• NEW—High luminous intensity white and blue LEDs

• “Ultrabright” series can be used as direct replacement for relampable incandescent cartridge indicators

• Jeweled transparent stovepipe lens provides wide viewing angle

• DC voltage range 2 volts to 28 volts at a maximum current of 20mA (utilizing internal resistor)

• Special part marking available—polarity identification is standard on all assemblies


• Mounting Hole: Front mounts in .297˝ (7.54) hole with barrel fastener

• Termination: —22 AWG 4˝ color coded leads stripped to 1/4˝ standard (other lead lengths available) —Stainless steel polarized bi-pins available

• Aluminum body available in bright clear and black anodized finish—internally insulated

• Lens material of butyrate plastic available in blue, red, green, amber and clear

• Sockets available for bi-pin assemblies, www.wilbrecht.com […]

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7400 pdf

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