7408 Datasheet – Quad 2-Input AND Gates ( PDF )

This is one of the TTL IC types.

Part Number: 7408, 74LS08.

Function: QUAD 2-INPUT AND GATE /  Low Power Schottky.

Package: DIP, SOP 14 Pin type

Manufacturer: Motorola

Images :
74LS08 datasheet


This device contains four independent gates each of which performs the logic AND function


Alternate Military/Aerospace device (5408) is available. Contact a Fairchild Semiconductor Sales Office / Distributor for specifications.


7408 Pinout

7408 datasheet pinout

Function Table

A  B  Y
L  L   L
L  H  L
H  L  L
H  H H

Other data sheets are available within the file: 54LS08, 74LS08, SN54LS08J, SN74LS08D, SN74LS08N

7408 Datasheet PDF Download

7408 pdf

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