A1750A23RRSC10 Datasheet – Laser Module ( PDF )

Part Number: A1750A23RRSC10

Function: DWDM analog return-path(5MHz-210MHz) Laser module.

Manufacturer: Agere -> LSI Corporation


A1750A23RRSC10 datasheet

Pin No.


1 Thermistor
2 Thermistor
3 dc Laser Bias (–)
4 MPD Anode, Case Ground
5 MPD Cathode
6 Thermoelectric Cooler (+)
7 Thermoelectric Cooler (–)
8 Case Ground
9 Case Ground
10 NC
11 Laser Common (+)
12 Laser Modulation (–)
13 Laser Common (+)
14 NC


The A1750A23RRSC10 laser module is a dense wavelength division multiplexing laser with a DFB chip designed specifically for analog RF applications.

The device features low adiabatic chirp to maximize signal quality in short and long lengths of fiber. The laser’s excellent inherent linearity minimizes degradation of the broadcast signals caused by the QAM channels.


1. Low adiabatic chirp
2. Excellent linearity
3. Standard ITU wavelengths
4. Advanced analog chip design
5. Tested for forward-path or return-path applications
6. Reduces equipment requirements in the hub
7. Exceeds Telcordia Technologies* 468 specification.


1. Networks with limited fiber
2. Architectures using separate optical wavelengths to carry targeted services


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